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A community geared towards individuals who possess talents in computer graphics design.

4 simple rules for dating my community:

1. This isn't a place to provide art for public use with credit. If you want to provide art for public consumption, please do not request that the end user provide credit for your piece. Once you post it on a public forum for public use, the public is now free to do with said piece as they choose regardless of if there is sufficient credit or not. Please keep this in mind when posting public domain art.
2. Please keep your criticism constructive. Don't devalue a piece because you don't like it. All art is beautiful and it is defintely in the eye of the beholder.
3. Keep advertising out of here. We don't care about your rating communities, or graphics communities, and so forth. Also, mentioning you are x-posting isn't allowed. We don't care where else you posted it.
4. This is not a warez community. Anyone requesting software or software keys/cracks will be banned, instantly. There is zero-tolerance on this issue. Anyone stupid enough to look for pirated software by whining on LJ doesn't even deserve a computer, let alone membership in this community...so don't do it.

They're simple rules and should make everyone's life here simple. (:

ascii is the sister community. Check it out if you're an ASCII art lover.

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